In accordance with the SECOND clause of the Service Contract, Almex does not accept shipments that contain:

  • Skins and furs of exotic and endangered animals, or fashion furs
  • Plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables, coffee, cocoa, sugar, eggs, fish, fresh fish and shellfish, livestock and other animals (alive or dead)
  • Antiques and works of art
  • Batteries
  • Falsified, also known as pirate merchandise
  • Dynamite, explosives and weapons of any kind
  • Pornographic or obscene material
  • Perishable and easily spoiled materials
  • Wines and liquors
  • Drugs, psychotropic substances and medication that is controlled or has restricted distribution
  • Hazardous materials, including corrosive, inflammable, easily spoiled or bad-smelling items
  • Precious materials, credit cards, jewelry, cash, valuables, negotiable instruments or titles, industrial diamonds, etc
  • Unprocessed cotton
  • Foreign articles that are not supported by the necessary legal documentation, in original or notarized form, to accredit their legal import into the country, appropriately attached to the shipment

And in general, all articles restricted by current official regulations and laws.