Ever further
Our International LTL Freight Services operate on a Door-to-Door (DTD) basis which allows you to send your business shipments from, to and between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

  • Coverage in Mexico’s main cities and towns.
  • Predetermined service lead times.
  • Options of Standard and Almexpress services.
  • Regional LTL shipping with preferential delivery times and prices.
  • Personalized service models so you can program your pickups, track your shipments and obtain quotes.
  • On-line pre-documentation.
  • Mass documentation option.
  • Information connectivity capability via EDI or Web Services.
  • World-class information system.
  • Units with GPS and GPRS.
  • Tracking for load visibility.
  • Real-time automatic confirmation of tracking events.
  • Digitalized proof of delivery available on line.
  • Responsibility for loads up to 15 SMVDF (Minimum Salary in Mexico City) per ton or fraction shipped in accordance with Article 66 of the Mexican Roads, Bridges and Federal Trucking Law.

  • Unit load size:
    • Length: 2.40 meters.
    • Width: 2.20 meters.
    • Height: 1.80 meters.
  • Unit load weight: 1,200 kilograms.
(For larger and/or heavier items, consignors should check the availability of the necessary resources in the office that will provide the service, with the account executive or through our call center.)  
  • Shipments should be packed in wooden crates or on wooden pallets according to NOM-144 specifications.
  • To calculate the charges for services to the United States or Canada, we need the zip code and shipment classification (according to the National Motor Freight Association).
  • Our prices do not include any charges resulting from customs and/or import-export processing.
  • Our regular shipping services do not include the transportation of hazardous materials or those controlled by domestic or international regulations.